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IELTS Preparation
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The IELTS Preparation course is for those who want to increase their chances of succeeding in the IELTS exam for studies or work. IELTS is the International English Exam Testing System, an exam which demonstrates your proficiency in the English language and is a common application requirement for educational organisations, businesses and visa purposes across the globe.

This Intensive 2 Week Course assists non-native speakers to improve and develop their English skills rapidly to meet exam requirements.  The classes are extremely effective because of the social and enjoyable interpretation of the exam requirements.

Our programme takes in every aspect of Business English Communication through the lessons, over lunches and during the evening activities.  They are all designed to gain the optimum practice and attention, utilising every moment you are with us.  An individual needs analysis for each participant ensures your language learning needs are met. The more popular topics covered include presentations, language of meetings, negotiating, describing your product or project, sales/marketing, telephone and email skills.

The course is a high intensity programme but we do ensure that it does not feel like work!

What to expect:

  • develop an in-depth knowledge of the format of the IELTS exam and its content, with regular full practice exams
  • learn about all four exam areas and practice with complete and official exercises and materials
  • develop effective strategies to approach all types of exam tasks
  • produce clear, well-constructed and detailed text on a wide range of subjects
  • express yourself fluently and spontaneously, with a focus on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar to ensure you improve your accuracy
  • understand a wide range of complex texts, conversations and interviews
  • improve all your communication skills including speaking, listening, reading, and writing
  • develop speaking skills for real-life situations and put these into practice using natural expressions and functional language
  • review and improve grammar, pronunciation and fluency

Course Profile:

  • morning sessions of focused IELTS preparation per week
  • afternoon workshops on particular exam aspects – Speaking & Listening, Grammar & Writing
  • using a range of authentic sources such as newspapers and course material
  • practicing effective strategies, improving specific communication skills and more, helping you to pass your exam
  • from Intermediate to advanced levels (B2-C1)

Course Costs:

Contact us today to find out more information on the course .  The price of this two week course is €950.


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